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Wordpress Web Desiging & Development
Software was developed initially with an intension to build up stylish and well groomed personal publishing systems. That was powered by PHP and MySQL and an Open source CMS publishing Software. It’s nomenclature was done as "WordPress”. It contemplates on 2 major concerns as speed and user friendliness. WordPress CMS is licensed under the General Public License (GPL).

WordPress allows you to fully employ its resources free of cost to originate anything just form your personal homepage to a fully furnished website to be made for s Fortune 500 Company. This characteristic makes it extremely lucrative for its users. This liberty is imposed over the WordPress users only.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS Software. Very popular and wide-reaching for it’s astoundingly user friendly thus far influential characteristics that allow you not only to create and maintain blogs, but also to design fully flourished websites additionally. WordPress received loads of esteemed awards courtesy to its extremely striking presentation and attractiveness:
1. Packt Best Open Source CMS Award- 2007
2. Packt Best Open Source CMS Award-2009
3. Over and above in the ceremony of Best Open Source CMS Award, WordPress declared as first runner-up in the Best Open Source PHP CMS category.
4. Additions to this remarkable list, WordPress ascended one step further on and triumph the esteemed Hall Of Fame Open Source CMS Award.

A glimpse on various advantages of WordPress:-
• Exceptionally simple to exercise: A non technical person is also able to exercise it. Persons, who are neat hands with MS-Word, can employ WordPress easily to manage, update plus amend the contents of website.
• Economic: Being an Open Source CMS, WordPress is licensed under the GPL. Hence it is either cost free or will include just a nominal amount which can be easily bearable.
• Offers Multiple User Authenticity: due to the reason that WordPress is an Open Source CMS, hundreds of users work over it maintain personal login IDs. It sounds very simple but it involves a very important characteristic of WordPRess. Certainly, It offers multiple user authenticity as well. It shows that problematic issues can be solved instantly. Dramatically convenient it is. Isn’ it?
• Smooth Installation: WordPress allow to be installed on any server very smoothly. Reason is, it inculcates least installation requirements. Additionally occupational area by this is very less, which facilitates a creamy installation.
• Inexhaustible Functionality: Plentiful plugins are easy to get to to extend WordPress functions. This leads to the boundless functional accessibility aspect of WordPress. An Impressive characteristic.
• Boosts the search engine optimization results: Wordpress is blessed with certain vibrant features that help significantly to boost up and capitalize on search results. Subsequent to the application of WordPress you will relax certain that your website spirit fully ascend the search engine page ranking rip and in itself is a big achievement to mark the presence on the opening page of Google.

Zeal Person is dedicated towards quality and excellence. We have a dedicated pool of experts who care for your precious time and provide you with the solutions utilizing the core resources of WordPress. On the other hand we value your money and strive to lend a helping hand in construction of website yourself. Moreover Zeal Person’s backing composes your website visually astonishing and striking.
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