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    Zeal Person - A brand name or a Zeal of quality assurance. Wide range of IT and Web based Solutions.
Zeal Person aligned it’s all elements in a sequence to make a best use out of them. It come up with several unique solutions which are in vogue now days and differentiate us from the other firms.

Zeal Person Web Designing & Development Solutions
Our Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Classifieds Solutions
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Flash Websites
  • Real Estate Solutions
  • Travel/Vacation Rental Solutions
  • Dating
  • Gaming
  • Events Solution
  • Restaurants/Directories
  • Health/University
  • Social Networking Solution
  • Service/Hospitality Solutions
  • Auction Solutions
  • Others
Zeal Person maintains following technology based solutions:

Ecommerce Business Solutions
E-business or e-commerce has unbolted a novel planet for organizations to souk their products worldwide. In order to bring a dynamic digital portal, Zeal Person deals with each category and sub category of the companies, from small to the big corporate giants.
E-business / E-commerce encompass a purpose to formulate an easier and secure business process, without or with very lesser hurdles along with the availability of a wide range of sources. It also eliminates the extra cost factor from both the company and client parts because of the termination of inter mediatory channels from the supply chain. It augments the revenues and also development of a strong marketing site successfully.

Below are given the benefits for e-commerce enabled business organizations:
• It will lead to build the own brand identity of your company over the web.
• Augment your trade and interactions, accessible to the inclusive market place.
• A company can integrate any amount of new products and services in you offerings.
• Additionally you can easily modify the future changes in you offering list as per the demand and running vogue.
• E-commerce is self managed along with an Administrator Back Office.
• Enhanced sales and boosted up revenues.

Following are certain features at Zeal Person:
• Payment Integration
• Content Management
• Customer Accounts
• Discounts and Specials
• User Access Control
• Build-To-Order Capability
• Shipping Management
• Multi-Tab Product Details

PHP solutions:
PHP is the widely popular Open Source CMS. Its popularity lies in the fact that it never required any marketing or promotional tool to be executed upon. In this highly competitive web world where your competitor is just a click away from you, it is mandatory to have an adorable eye catching presence of your website on the globe of internet.
Zeal Person is fully equipped with a strongly dedicated team of technical experts who are striving to provide the clients with best PHP solutions as per their business requirements.

Joomla Solutions
Joomla is also an Open CMS product which built upon a very strong PHP framework. Again a self marketed solution it is. It is like a flame amongst the web developers and designers. It focuses upon the extremely supreme visibility of the website over the internet.
Zeal Person’s team of technical experts is practicing the Joomla since few years and now has become a sharpened gem in this particular application.

Like Joomla WordPress is also an Open Source CMS product that means WrodPress solutions are very lucrative in nature because it does not include any license fee. You just need to pay a nominal fee which is required for actual development services. Zeal Person facilitates you to employ the fuller utilization of this very impressive solution to enhance the impactful nature of your website.

Drupal Solutions:
Drupal is applicable to mount up around the whole thing – from individual blogs to enterprise applications. An energetic society of online designers and developers hold up and pertain with Drupal on a universal basis.
Zeal Person is 24*7 available with our technical experts to assist you for your Drupal Solutions as it is now mandatory to build in your website to flourish it like anything. We are practising providing Drupal Solutions to our client since from the inception and bearing a team who are old hands at it.

Zend Framework & Solutions
After PHP the most vibrant and powerful tool to upgrade the visibility of your website over internet are the Zend Solutions.The effortless creation of impactful websites containing dynamically developed content is possible only because of the emergence of this Zend framework.
Zeal Person’s technical team very interestingly employ their expertise for providing their clients with Zend Solutions. Market viability is comprehensive for Zend Solutions.

Value Added Services from Zeal Person:
• Post Completion Support: Duration -Two month
• Raw Files Delivery
• Search Engine Based Optimized Site
• We will submit the URL in 100 directories after completion of project
• Google analytics and sitemap setup: In order to get better SEO with link submission in Google.
• Strictly prohibited the use of predesigned temple: Purely customized websites are offered
• CSS based templates; as per the project needs.
• Widespread application of AJAX technologies, diminishing the screen refreshes

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