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    Zeal Person - A brand name or a Zeal of quality assurance. Web Designing and Development Company, SEO Service provider
About Zeal Person
Zeal Person takes a place in the most renowned websites over the internet and maintains a respected dice amongst the organizations of same profile. It is striving since year 2012 to provide its customers world class solutions in order to get the zeniths of their satisfaction and loyalty. We are having a number of talented and enthusiastic experts in our jewel box who are dedicatedly committed towards their work. We believe in endow our clients with customized solutions, put in order all the essential requirements which are mandatory to get hold of good outcomes.

We envelops more than 30 professionals who are working online prone to provide the solutions which covers all IT needs of the clients. We facilitate this huge pool of professionals to provide their valuable services to the entire globe. A good and assures availability of resources, our solutions experts and 100% guaranteed client satisfaction conclude as our strengths and client companies, professionals and success faces of students are the bricks of our growth pyramid.

Our Mission and Vision:
Zeal Person visions to materialize itself as a worldwide market leader by renovating their client’s dreams into realities.

"To provide its clients with premium class innovative IT solutions in order to make them competent to achieve their business objectives.”

Competitive and economic pressure is inevitable for every organization in current scenario. Implementation of absolute technology at required moment that also with the help of experienced professionals is the only key to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally we believe in developing a well-built business rapport to guarantee an even transfer of technology and solutions to the clients.

We assure a guaranteed success in the jobs of our clients as they are assets of our business.

We apply verified project delivery system. Zeal Person is strongly dedicated towards formation of fast, resourceful and pragmatic solutions customized as per the job specific needs of our clients.

Our goal is to become a leading contributor of nucleus web technology to emerging organizations. We ensure customer satisfaction through our core strengths. We inculcate our core competencies as:-

• Dedicated Team work
• Punctual Timely Service
• Assured Quality Service
• Allegiance and Integrity
• Confidentiality and Security
• Authenticity
• Professionalism

Quality assurance: The Asset of Zeal Person
Zeal Person maintains a strong pool of its satisfied clients which is an outcome of its quality assurance services over a period of time. We are awfully adroit in an assortment of facades of quality assurance. For us, quality is an asset which makes us unique and reliable for best outcomes. Zeal Person offers an extensive range of professional web design, web development and SEO services with extremely economical prices. Quality of the solutions is assured by:

• Premium class solutions prepared by professional experts.
• Proficient support form experts since inception till end of the project work
• After delivery services
• Supervision of trained independent team of Quality Assurance
• Clients are provided with updates by programmers and designers as per the specification.
• Demo has been send to the clients before sending the whole completed project to ensure the removal of all loopholes and gaps in the expected project.
• Timely delivery is assured; it is our aim to gratify the customers not only with the solutions but also with our dedicated customer care services.
Zeal Person is devotedly following the advancements of global business community and holds a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.
• Zeal Person’s maintains a well established ‘Quality Assurance Department’ which holds on to the richest standards of code in project(s).
• Programming languages’ testing as per project specification is conducted in our labs which enables a client to obtain a search engine index friendly website.
• Application functionality across multi platform environments.
• 24*7 live availability for any room of queries or problems.
• Zeal Person code augments the client’s web occurrence up to 80% faster indexing by search engines.

Our Values
Since the inception Zeal Person operated in alignment of a set of core moral values and ethical beliefs, which we accept as true are vital for the success both as a company and as individuals.

Zeal Person has identified following standards to uphold in a pursuit for attaining supreme business excellence:-
• Highest ethical standards.
• Invent and Innovate new technologies to deliver the best solutions; A thrive on Innovation
• Treat people as you would like to be treated.
• Cultivate learning and knowledge sharing culture.
• Right people at right place; treat the employees in a rich manner.
• Pure confidentiality should be there in the business activities
• Support public-benefit programs local communities & charitable causes for humanity.

• A professionally administered company.
• Professionally trained and qualified engineers, designers and programmers.
• Resources for re-direction lead to more effective strategic initiatives.
• Widespread functional knowledge of the IT professionals.
• Devotion to international never compromised quality standards.
• Visualization, designing and implementation of large scale projects.
• Appropriate software application development
• Application of leading edge technology.
• Substantial cost benefit; scalability of operations in a short time frame.
• Outstanding integration of training and development processes to contest downtime of e-commerce.

Why Choose Us?
• 100% guarantee for customized designed Solutions.
• Strongly competitive pricing over the web.
• Experienced and well qualified experts for the premium solutions
• A-Z super zone for your all web site needs.
• Help getting the featured CONTENT essential for your sites.
• Striking and cutting edge designs.
• Supple hosting tactics.
• Easy to comprehend pricing strategy.
• Loyal and fully satisfied Client abditory.
• Consultation at every pace of the way.
• Premium returns for your investments.

Our Management Team
Our people are the spine of our services; they take great pleasure in delivering innovative quality solutions to craft a constructive impact on our client's business. Collectively, Zeal Person has pooled their know-how to design, develop and execute triumphant solutions for clients.

Zeal Person dedicates itself to fetch your business online with modernization of technology and premium class design. We prolong to expand and endow in cutting edge technology whilst maintaining the apex echelon in training and quality, mounting on the devotion and expertise of our management and experts staff. Zeal Person’s software development department inflates over a huge area and is occupied by a fair number of practised IT engineers executing through the richest standards of technology to build up and augment client’s e-business needs.

Please take a look at our data center resources which enables your project to be completed on time:
• Over ‘10 workstations for programming, designing, client support and administrative activities.
• Windows 2003/Linux RedHat 7.2/Apache 1.3.20 services.
• Technically trained writers to facilitate documented dealings and rigorous quality assurance.
• Well designed and environment friendly client support department
• 24*7 Support Call Centre.
• Corporate headquarter in Jaipur, India and business development and client support office New York.
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